Candy Cane Bark

I know, I know - where have I been? Clearly not posting anything. But I have been baking! Just slow on the blog roll, promise I'll try to get this stuff up!

Everyone and their mom has made this recipe. I had extra chocolate and candy canes so I figured, what the hell...let's give it a roll. It's yum and cute and if you are out of ideas for gifts - an awesome cadeau for the holidays!

Candy Cane Bark

8 oz semi-sweet chocolate
8 oz white chocolate
crushed candy canes (about 6)


Take the semi-sweet chocolate and pour into heat-proof bowl. Put the bowl over a pot of boiling water and melt.

I got these molds from Target for $1. No joke. If you don't have them - roll the chocolate out on a sheet of baking paper. I poured into the molds, it's a little messy but no worries - that'll clean itself up later.

Take the candy canes and put in plastic ziplock bag. Bang with a hammer or the blunt end of a knife, or something - anything really until they're crushed.

Sprinkle one round on top of the brown chocolate.

Repeat the process with the white chocolate.

Pour on top of the brown chocolate and then sprinkle with candy canes again. I had some cute candy cane sprinkles and used those too - although I don't think anyone noticed.

Voila! yum yum yum.


  1. I made this with dark chocolate just yesterday and it came out great.

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  3. I love how your recipes are so different! They all sound amazingly delicious.




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