Confetti Bows

It's true. I'm a blog junkie. I'm obsessed with how much I can learn out there and I have recently become a craftie. Closet craftie. But since I'm announcing it on my blog with 33 followers....I mean, now it's legit.

I love Hello Sandwich and she put out this superduperadorable zine that I am hearting big time. Anyone who knows me knows how much I like to make gifts wrapped in a beautiful way - and she has some adorable, cheap ideas!

I wanted to make her bows and went to DAISO, our Japanese $1 store in Seattle and bought heaps of confetti for $1.50 - 3 kinds! And then I looked for contact paper and couldn't find any, but I did find a large stack of clear little plastic bags for gift packets that came with hot pink pipe cleaners - 20 for $1.50. Awesome.

Came home, spread out, dumped confetti in the bag, evened it out so the middle part didn't have too much in it. I sealed it with a hot glue gun and then tied it up with the pipe cleaner. I don't know about you, but I think it's really freaking cute.




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