Recent Bridal Shower

I threw the bridal shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends recently, and thought I'd share some pics.

This is a basket and (because of the poor lighting - my fault) the sign says "POP OF LOVE." Inside is popcorn and little bags of popcorn. Adorable and so easy! I set them out for guests to munch on while the guest of honor was opening gifts. I think this idea has been showcased in a number of places, for example: here and here. I can't seem to find the original inspiration for this particular version, so if it's yours let me know!
And then of course the table spread - mostly small bites. The bridal shower favors were cupcake stands I hand made by gluing vintage saucers with epoxy to vintage candlesticks (after cleaning them both up a bit). They were a hit! Here are some tutorials for ideas: this one and this one.


  1. You made the cupcake stands! What a good idea to make them the favors, too :)

  2. I know! I brought the leftover ones into the office for the dessert missed the unveiling :(

  3. Sahari, you are very very talented ! loved your idea of favors! they were beautiful.




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