Robbie and Devon Get Married

Devon and Robbie Get Married!

As many of you know this is my "year" of weddings. Photos are beginning to come out and I wanted to show you some lovely details.

Devon and Robbie are a gorgeous, loving couple and are made for each other. You can see how happy they are bursting through these pictures. Their wedding was lovely!

The best part may have been the food. A true Lebanese feast was served, buffet style. So much deliciousness, so perfectly reminiscent of Devon's heritage.

Stunning vintage look - love the hair piece and dress. Gorgeous, Gorgeous bride!

A gorgeous touch - a la Devon - was the henna on her feet. So pretty!

The cupcakes were amazing, and so little! I loved the different flavors and the serve-yourself option so that if someone wanted 4 was a possibility (not me, I swear!).

I loved this detail - all of the guests gathered outside after the cocktail hour, with their cocktails, and were handed two long pieces of ribbon. Then we were told that we would be making the aisle! It was so easy, so cute.

How stunning is this photo below? Breathtaking!

Erika Ellis photography
Daybreak Star (Venue)
Zaytoon Catering


  1. What a beautiful wedding!!! :) Not that I'm biased or anything...




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