Guest Blogger: Jillian Harrington

Using the Power of Your Big Day to Create Your Happily Ever After

Okay, so the Big Day is arriving.  Or perhaps it is just a dot on the horizon that you are straining your eyes to see.  But it is there, and it is waiting for you.  Whether you are looking forward to delighting in the wonders of your wedding day, or you just want to get it over with and step over the threshold to matrimonious joy; it will be one of the most powerful days in your life.

Think about it.  A hundreds of years from now, when your great- great- great- granddaughter is researching her ancestry, there are three big things the records will offer up to her:  the day you were born, the day you died, and they day you got married.

No pressure.

The day of your wedding carries a lot of power, energetically speaking.  Why not put that power to work for you, and make all that time between the date on the marriage certificate and the date on the death certificate, full of joy and laughter and amazingness? 

Let me introduce you, or perhaps reintroduce you, to the concept of setting an Intention.  I’m talking in the Law of Attraction woo woo sort of way, you know, like The Secret?  Don’t be afraid, it is pretty easy, but can still have powerful results without you having to create a vision board.  Or chanting.  Or looking at yourself in a mirror repeating words back to yourself. 

Put simply, an intention is a declaration to the Universe (or God, or Tao, or whatever your higher power is – even if that higher power is simply yourself) of what you are planning to have happen in your life.  An intention is more than a goal.  An intention is something that you put your will into, your personal life energy, to make it come in to being.  And it is more than a wish, which you hope will be brought to you.  An intention has more force, more power, within it.

I like to think of an intention as creating the blueprint for a design, and then sending it off to the manufacturing plant that will look at your design, bring it in to form, and then ship it to you.   That’s how it works.  YOU are the creator.  The Universe/God/Whatever is what builds it, and then serves it up to you.

So.  Let’s get back to your wedding day, shall we?

What a wonderful and beautiful opportunity to look forward with your wife or husband, and start to think about the life you wish to share with this person.  Will it be full of laughter?  Children?  Travels?  Financial Success?  What about your relationship, do you intend it to be one of mutual respect, emotional support, passion, or contentment?  This is a great opportunity to sit down with your guy or gal, and make sure that the future you envision matches up in the long term. 

Now comes the fun part: weaving these intentions into the day itself.  Perhaps you want to make them part of your vows.  Perhaps it will guide your music selection.  Or perhaps you want to incorporate the symbolism into the décor, announcements, and invitations. For instance: the color red for passion, the color light blue for fidelity, or an image of a bicycle for balance.  Think about what symbols mean to YOU, they are more powerful that way.  Maybe your idea of a bicycle is more about health, or leisure, and not about balance.  One thought is to look through a dream dictionary for symbol ideas.  However, the most important thing is YOUR personal association with a symbol, which helps harness your personal power.

Get creative.  Perhaps you could put your intentions inside fortune cookies.  Or hang the words on little slips of paper, and hang them on a potted tree.  You could even get your guests involved, and have them write down intentions for you two as well, and add them to your tree/whatever.  Go wild.  I’m sure browsing around Peonies and Champagne you will be able to come up with quite a few delicious ideas.

Whatever you end up doing, have fun with it.  Remember, it is not about how exactly things are done, or what symbols/music/colors are used.  What is important is that you are putting your intention into action, and by doing something with that intention, whatever it is, you are adding more power to it.  It becomes stronger, and easier for your intentions to be made real in your life, and served up to you on a silver platter.  With these founding intentions, your marriage will be guided every step of the way, to your Happily Ever After.  

Here’s to a delicious life ahead!

Jillian Harrington is an Intuitive Life Coach, helping guide people down their path to a delicious life.  She blogs up lovely tidbits to help people live the life they really want, if they could just get out of their own way to enjoy themselves.  When she’s not doing that, she is coaching people to amazingness and building on-line programs to spread the good times.  All this and more can be found at   


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