Guest Post: Refugees in Syria, How you can Help!

Refugees in Syria

This is a photo of the SACCWA that is working on sorting the clothes that have been collected recently for the Syrian Refugees inside Syria and also on the border between Turkey and Syria.

They are asking for help with monetary contributions to buy blankets and warm boots and hat and gloves in Turkey.  They have made arrangements for people on the border of Turkey to pick them up and get them distributed.   If they get the money we are able to get the goods in faster to the people as the weather gets colder.  If people are slightly used clothing and want to donate they can also do that and drop off at Caravan Serai at 3806 Whitman Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103.  Arrangements can also be made for Eastside pickup.

If people would like to make a donation through paypal they can go to the website and hit the blog page and read about the situation or just hit the PayPal button.

This is a 501c3 organization and they will send you a receipt for the donations.  If you are with a company that does matching please give them the information as well.


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