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This Lamp. From the website:

"A night time reader usually tries to devote a reasonable amount of time to his book, so as not to stay up to late and rest enough overnight. It’s also usual to fail in that regard and continue to read “just one more chapter”. Like an ex-smoker who cannot reject a cigarette when he is offered one, once he’s absorbed in the book the impulse to continue reading overrides the previously set objective. 

This lamp “guides” the user and helps him to fulfill his “promise”. The reader turns the switch-wheel setting the quantity of time he wants to spend reading. When this period comes to an end, the lamp turns off so the user notices it’s time to finish. A courtesy light remains lit for a minute making it possible to put away the book, take off glasses, etc., favoring a pleasant “activity-sleep” transition. In case of falling asleep before this happens, the lamp won’t remain on overnight hence energy will be saved while user’s sleeping is not disturbed.

To those who read at night, this is a lamp inspired by activities which happen then and are related to the light, intimacy and time; lighthouses and astronomical observatories."


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