"Zin" Sorbet

Zin Sorbet


2 cups white wine

1/2 cup sugar

1 1/2 cups strawberries


The back story is that I had a whole bunch of strawberries and half a bottle of Zinfandel - and my gut instinct was to make ice cream. Not a whole lot is left so I'm guessing it was a good instinct.

I based of a recipe on the Food Matters Project (see below) -Basically you bring the wine and sugar to a quick boil. Add the strawberries and let them sit for awhile. I sorted the laundry, came back 20 minutes later. Then I pulsed in the blender. Your call if you want to strain out the bits - I happen to like fresh fruit bits in my sorbet so I didn't.

Tossed in the ice cream maker and voila.

Recipe adapted from The Giving Table.


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